Fielding the Future, Inc. promotes amateur athletics for youth and helps young people obtain baseball instruction. As part of its charitable mission, Fielding the Future will help public schools and tax-exempt, charitable nonprofit organizations that sponsor youth baseball by sponsoring tournaments and training activities as well as providing needed equipment. Fielding the Future will also establish a Scholarship Committee to help low income and disadvantaged youth by providing scholarship grants to cover all or the part of team and tournament fees that young athletes must pay in order to participate in amateur athletics. Once it has raised funds to provide support and scholarships, Fielding the Future will make youth baseball coaches, as well as coaches in various youth baseball leagues, aware of the resources provided by Fielding the Future to help youth from low-income families have the opportunity to learn and play baseball.

Fielding the Future will seek the support of baseball fans in North Carolina and in other states, including former college and professional baseball players, who see the tremendous character-building benefits to young people that are developed through competitive athletics. Youth sports battle juvenile delinquency and encourage strong character. Fielding the Future will open up more opportunities for middle and high school players who want to develop their baseball skills and have the opportunity to play the sport in college or in the professional ranks or who just simply want to engage in competition and build their baseball skills.

By operating as a tax-exempt public charity, Fielding the Future will be able to solicit charitable gifts that can be used to offset the costs of participation in youth baseball leagues for those unable to afford it and thereby expand the number of players who can participate, reach their full potential, and learn important life skills, such as self-discipline and hard work.

Each year, the Board of Directors will meet to determine Fielding the Future's annual fund­raising program and identify areas where it can facilitate the involvement of youth in amateur athletics, with a focus primarily on baseball. Fielding the Future may make grants to city and county youth leagues for facilities and equipment, assist other non-profit charities or educational organizations in organizing youth baseball tournaments, or sponsor low-income and disadvantaged youth who otherwise would not be able to pay the costs required to play in amateur youth leagues.